Sunday, 17 June 2012

♥ Weekend Wishlist #3 ♥

hi sorry i havent been posting for a bit. Here is my weekened wishlist.

£7.99 internacionale
£8.86 ONLY ( in the sale)
£11 Rock n rose
£19 punky allsorts

£19.99 Bershka

£7.99 She likes

£8 pop coture

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Monday, 11 June 2012

♥ Revlon lip butter ♥

hiya!! i got this revlon lip butter a couple of days ago. I have seen loads of posts about it so i thought i should go and get one. it was £2 off so it was only £6 baragin!! i went for a bright shade. i love bright colours so yeh....

I got shade 90 sweeet tart

I'll probably do a review of this in a couple of days

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♥ Amazing Skirt ♥

hiya readers! A really quick post today. this is Madiis skirt. I borrowed it for a party. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!! i love all the colours and the pattern, i want ti so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 xx

here are some pics. 

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

♥ Cute Cupcake NOTD! ♥

Hi my exams are finally over and its now half term!! :) I havent posted for a couple of weeks wich is really bad but i will be posting more frequently now. Anyway here is my NOTD... this is probably the first time i have done proper nail art so it went a bit wrong..

This is the first time and it went a bit messy i have just done my thumb now to show you how tot do this.

1. Paint your nail any colour you want i chose pink. I applied 2 coats but its up to you.

2. Choose another colour and paint the top half of your nail.

3.Then add a dot of red to the top of your nail foor a cherry.

4. Then choose any colour I chose blue and put fots randomly for sprinkles.

5. Then pick another colour and draw lines on the bottom half of your nail.

and thats it here are the colours i used...

thanks for reading x