Monday, 11 June 2012

♥ Revlon lip butter ♥

hiya!! i got this revlon lip butter a couple of days ago. I have seen loads of posts about it so i thought i should go and get one. it was £2 off so it was only £6 baragin!! i went for a bright shade. i love bright colours so yeh....

I got shade 90 sweeet tart

I'll probably do a review of this in a couple of days

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  1. i love revlon lip butters! i was going to buy this color the other day and add it to my small collection, but i thought that it would be too bright! but after reading this post, i wanna go get it again haha~ anyway great post! hope u can come check out my blog if u have time and maybe follow it if u like? ;)

    xoxo <3

    1. You should get it I thought not wa going to be really bright but it's not it looks really nice
      And I course I'll check out your blog

  2. I've been wanting that Lip Butter for ages, in that exact shade! It looks lovely, can't wait for a review! :)


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