Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Behind The Scenes of Blogging TAG

Hello my lovelies!
I recently got tagged by  Lauren from The Beau Bow and Caitlin from Pink Imperfecti0ns to do this tag, so here it goes.

1. You MUST state that this TAG was created by (Lauren)

2. You must use the image I have provided in this post on your post.

3. You must title this post 'Behind the Scenes of Blogging TAG' so everyone knows what it is about!

4. You must tag at least one other person, but there is not a maximum limit! -You will need to comment on their blog to let them know that they are tagged.

5. Thank the person who tagged you and link their blog.

6. You must answer all the questions


Onto the questions:

1. Do you plan for each/some of your blog posts, if so, how do you do this?

I don't really have a plan for posts, but if I have a few ideas ill write them down somewhere.

2. Do you have a blogging notebook/diary where you write and plan about things to do with your blog?

The other day I bought a cute little notebook which I think I am going to use for blogging.

3. Do you feel pressured to buy things so that you have something to review on your blog?

No not really but every now and again I do like to buy products to review.

4. Has the style of your posts/blog been influenced by someone else. If so, who?

I don't think the style of my posts has been influenced by one person but I get ideas and inspiration from all blogs.

5. What are your favourite posts to plan and write about?

I love reading and writing NOTD because I get so many ideas from  other people nails and I love to paint my nails. I also like OOTD.

6. Do you think that your knowledge of makeup (and applying it) has improved because of blogging?

Yes of course! I have learnt so much from reading other peoples blogs.

7. Do you test all products for a certain amount of time before you review them?

It depends really, most of the time I do so I know what the product is like, but not for the same amount of time on each product.

8. Do you have any other websites for your blog? (e.g, twitter, youtube, bloglovin', or a facebook page etc.)

I have my personal twitter here
                                     instagram here
                                                   and also bloglovin here

9. Do you feel the need to buy something you have wanted EVEN more when you see your favourite blogger talking about it?

Of course, especially when its a really good review. I've been on a spending ban recently so I haven't been able to try many new products.

10. Do you find taking pictures to be a chore, or not?

Definitely not, I like taking pictures even though I'm not the best and don't have a fancy camera but practise makes perfect.
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