Sunday, 7 April 2013

I'm Back!

Hello again!

I'm back again! I took a break from blogging. quite a long one actually. It was one of my new years resolutions to start blogging again because I have missed it. I know its now April (this years going so quick) but I haven't really had much time, but now I've made time for my blog.

I've been trying to re-design my blog, because I thought it looked a bit plain. I'm not a technical genius so its nothing fancy, I still don't think I'm 100% happy with the design but I'm going to stick with it. Also changed my blog name, I used to be Starry Eyed but as you can see I'm now Perfectly Imperfect (I'm not very good at thinking of names).

I've been reading on a few blogs tat Google Reader(I think) is going to be shut down which means there will be no more GFC, which is quite a pain really because that's how I keep up to date with all the blogs that I follow. I've had bloglovin since I first started blogging but I've never really used it so I would really appreciate if you could follow me on bloglovin HERE , I'll happily follow everyone back.

Thanks for reading, Caprice x

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